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Medals Bracket
Medals Bracket Ribbon Bracket Description of Reception Approved by:
Congressional Medal Of Honor: 

Awarded for Great Heroism Beyond the call of Duty!

Awarded for at least 4 Kills during a time of war against a superior force. Must be approved by a committee consisting of all flag officers by board
Navy Cross: 

Awarded for Heroism beyond the call of Duty

Awarded for at least 4 kills during a time of war. Must be approved by all flag officers by board.
Defense Distinguished Service Medal:

Awarded for the defense of the United States

Awarded to those who put their lives on the line for a HVU, or for actions preventing attacks on CONUS. Approval by all flag officers by board
Distinguished Service Medal

Awarded to those who Go above and Beyond the Call of duty, with great personal risk.

Awarded for 3 kills against a superior force and for being placed on the 400 kill Board. Approved By All flag officers by board.
Silver Star: Awarded for those who go above the call of duty in support of actions against foreign forces. Awarded for those who make the 300 kill mark, receive 5 kills in one game, or superior action that benefited the USVN for a campaign (2 kills min.)

Approved by VCNO/CNO.

Legion of Merit:

awarded to those for exceptional acts of courage during a time of war, or actions which benefited the US substantially during peace time.

Awarded for 4 kills in one game against a superior force, or  responsible for causing serious damage to the enemy's capabilities (1 kill min.). Also awarded for 200 kill mark.

Awarded by VCNO/CNO

Bronze Star: Awarded for acts of exceptional courage and for successful prosecution of an enemy during a time of war. Awarded for destroying at least 1 submarine in combat, or 3 successful AI kills in war. awarded also for 100 kill mark.

Awarded by Fleet Commanders

Purple Heart

For receiving injuries during a time of crisis

Awarded to those who were KIA or injured (submarine damage)

Awarded by Fleet Commanders

Meritorious Service commendation Award

Awarded for acts of bravery which contributed to the enhancement of a battle.

Awarded for at least 1 AI kill, or for supportive actions with Allied units in a time of war which resulted in a kill.

Awarded By fleet commanders.

Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal

For actions of superior Achievement within the fleet

awarded for Superior performance within the fleet. must have at least 900 points to receive award. in one month, or by group Directive.
Navy/Marine Corps Achievement medal

for actions of achievement set above the standards of the normal routine.

Awarded for 600 points within a months period of time, or set forth by the Squadron commanders and Approved by the Group Commanders.
Combat Action Ribbon

Awarded for being in a combat zone 

For voluntarily  fighting a war ( wars are not required to be taken place by each individual) against a foreign force
Presidential Unit Citation

Awarded to individual Units for acts of Bravery

For conducting operations Vital to mission success with the possibility of Unit Endangerment.

Awarded by  CNO/VCNO

Navy Unit Commendation

Awarded to commands for superior efforts in combat effectiveness 

Awarded to the Highest Point total in a period of 3 Months (quarterly). Competition is both individual, and unit based

Awarded by VCNO

Meritorious Unit Commendation

Awarded to commands with superior effort in combat readiness

Awarded to the highest point total within ALL of the USVN. 


Battle "E" Ribbon 

Awarded to the Units which over a period of time received the highest marks within their Squadron

Awarded monthly to the best Squadron quarterly, and awarded to the best Sub within a (GRP/SQD) depending upon size.

Awarded by GRP CDRS

Good Conduct Award

Given to those who have shown great discipline and strength while in the service over a period of time.

Awarded for those who at least retain 300 points quarterly. Awarded by GRP CDRS


National Defense Service Medal

Awarded to those who served within a period of combat

Awarded to all personal who are promoted to ENS
Armed Forces Service Medal

Awarded to those who supported front-line units in one way or another

Awarded to the unit that conducts the most training to New personal within 1 Qtr.
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon

Awarded to those who go out to sea for an extended period of time.

Awarded to all personal who maintain 600 points quarterly.
SSBN Deterrent Pin

Awarded to those who have gone alert with an SSBN unit for a particular amount of time

Awarded to those who conduct at least 1 deterrent Trident run during war time, or at least 6 SSBN missions Quarterly
Combat Patrol Pin

Awarded to those who have gone to combat on a successful patrol against the enemy

Awarded to those units who survived an entire war with at least 2 missions against a foreign adversary.
DSRV Qualification pin

Awarded to those within the DSRV units after qualification.

Awarded to personal who have at least conducted 5 DSRV missions successfully
Submarine Qualification Pin:

Awarded to those who have successfully succeeded in on-board submarine quals to the abilities set forth by the CO


Awarded to those who reach the 10 mission mark.
Command-at-sea insignia. given to all officers in charge of a major combatant unit within the USN Given to all squadron commanders within the USVN
Joint Chiefs of Staff Insignia. Awarded to all personal who are in the JCoS given to all deciding members within the USVN which have the power of voting within the USVM as a whole